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Privacy and Security

Club Log contains a significant amount of data, both in the form of station logs and user credentials. I have taken great care to protect your data, and only to use cookies where necessary. Please be sure you are happy with the information below before you join, and if you have any questions please direct them to me.

73 - Michael G7VJR


Club Log uses cookies as part of keeping you logged in, and protecting your account. Inside the cookies, Club Log keeps a record of a numerical user identification number, which can be linked to the following data in the Club Log database:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your callsigns as registered

Secure access and encryption

All pages in Club Log that involve logging in use HTTPS (SSL encryption). This means that your web browser and the Club Log server have a secure, tamper-proof connection which cannot be inspected by 3rd parties when in transit through the internet.

Your password is also stored internally in an irreversible format in Club Log, so that it is not possible for the administrators of the database inadvertently to see your password. Although the architecture of Club Log is inherently robust, you are encouraged to keep your password secure and to avoid predictable or easily-guessed passwords. Never share your account with anyone else.

Use of log data

If you upload logs to Club Log, they will be carefully protected. Only the owner of a log can see the QSOs within that log, and Club Log follows this principle in every detail. However, part of the purpose of Club Log is to analyse and report on worldwide trends, for example to create most-wanted lists. This is done by analysing as many QSOs as possible, including those you upload.

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act, the data you upload is stored in the United Kingdom and is not shared with any other party.